Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How to get your website ranked high on Google

Google search traffic

If you have a website and want to make your business promotion through online, you need to do seo. SEO is everything for promoting your website and getting it to the top of the search engines like Google. But making a good seo strategy is the must for online marketing and here are some tips that you may apply in your website.

Facts about Online search engines
About 80% of the total shoppers search the product online before they are purchasing or deciding for the service.
Google is the top search engines and google's top 10 results get 75% of the website clicks
High rank in the search engines mean more clicks, more traffic and more sales.

So, knowing these facts, why not to get the seo services or hire a seo. For getting high rank on search engines, you don't need to invest much, just you can hire a seo expert or company for the affordable seo services.

In Nepal, there are a large number of seo workers providing the seo services but all of them will make your website high rank, might or might not? But with the SEO Specialist in Nepal seo services, we guarantee.

Before doing seo, here are some checklist that you should follow
The target keywords
Quality website content
Off page optimization (making backlinks, submission)
On page optimization (meta tags, header tags, image tags, internal links building and whole website health checkup)

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Top Three free seo tools by Google

SEO in Nepal

Are you a seo expert or looking for free seo tools? here are the top free seo tools by google that may help in increasing your web traffic. Google is the main search engine in the world and mostly used. So, getting rank to this search engine is tough and needs to have a regular passion of seo work. So, here we are presenting you the techniques how to do seo, how to rank a website in major search engines and how to use seo tools for getting high traffic.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool 

 Google adwords keyword planner tool is free and most easy tool for keyword analysis. With this tool, you can input the required keywords for your website and in result you get the suggestions and possible keywords that have been mostly search over the internet in a month. This tool helps you in planning for keyword analysis, search analysis, competition and CPC.

Google Webmaster Tool

 Google webmaster tool or Search Console tool is used for checking your site performance, analysis, index, errors, website health and visibility in the search engine.

Google Analytics Tool 

 This tool by Google helps you in checking the website stats, search insights and analysis. You can track the visitor of your website, analysis of keywords either organic or paid which your clients input during the search.

If you use these free tools, you can understand the health of your website, planning of keywords and analysis. But before that you should need a website with the proper standard of web. Before doing off-page optimization, be sure your on-page is good.

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Seo in Nepal

Seo, literally known as Search Engine Optimization is the process or technique of promoting or making visible of the online websites in ...